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Buying your first Home in Arizona 2021

I was lucky because I was born and raised in Arizona but I didn't always feel that way​

Growing up in Arizona in the ’70s, ’80s, and so on always seemed like. I was missing out on something. Big Cities had pro sports and we had The Phoenix Sun’s and Roadrunner hockey farm team . The Firebirds baseball team that was the farm team to the San Francisco Giants. They were all great and fun but other cities had more and we knew it. The town was growing. 

Phoenix Municipal Stadium is were the Firebirds baseball played and the Sun’s played at the Madhouse on McDowell along with the Roadrunner hockey team. The Veterans Memorial Coliseum 19th ave and McDowell and where the State Fair is held.

Arizona camelback mountain

Central Phoenix was always good but older​

As the town grew lots of families headed to the Suburbs. Mesa was popular and so was north and West Phoenix. There was no 51 Freeway yet and getting around.I was still pretty much driving on the main roads and side streets. Today Central Phoenix is hot! Buyers love being close to the airport and downtown and some enjoy renovating the older homes

Some of the best restaurants are in this area. With interest so low you really can’t go wrong living anywhere in the Valley of the Sun and I remember my parents had 13 and 18 percent interest rates. When interest rates were 7 and 8 percent I remember my father telling me to buy any home I could he thought the rates were a steal. He was right.

Central Phoenix

Central Phoenix (Arizona) was always good but older

If money was no object for buying a new home in Arizona where would you want to live? Well, that’s still a personal choice and the answers would be all over the place. For me growing up here I love the convenience of being close to my family and the area I grew up in. Young couples may want to be further out in one of our great surrounding cities with lots of other young families even though it’s happening all over. 

Maybe you want an Acre lot close to everything and that could mean trying to buy in Paradise Valley. With lots of desert landscape and nice size homesArcadia Neighborhood has so much to offer but it’s not cheap and the competition to buy a home there can be a battle. 

Veterans Memorial Coliseum

If you have a home you're looking for with special features

And more give me a call I can do some of the searches for you and maybe even know of something. And if you’re looking to sell I will make sure your get top dollar for your home. I know the value of this town and if I don’t know some of the new surrounding Phoenix Cities I would love to refer you to someone that does. You can’t be an expert in every area and knowing that is how “I earn it” .Stay safe all and let’s hope COVID is over soon we all need it. 602 299-174

Angelo Sbrocca

Let Me Earn It Owner Angelo Sbrocca Has over 35 years experience in Real Estate and business and extensive knowledge of the area

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