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Happy Thanksgiving to all in 2021

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving has always been a time for being thankful and spending time with family and friends. It still is, and more than ever during these challenging times, we’re all in. So many important things to be thankful for, and our health and well-being are on the top of most everyone list, along with so many other important things.

Happy Thanksgiving to all in 2021. Tiny thanks for having a good Realtor

I was thinking today that on the very bottom of the thankful list, very bottom, tiny thankfulness, is having a good Realtor when your buying or selling real estate. Most everyone can sell or buy their own property. They don’t need a real estate license to do it but having a good Realtor on your side is priceless sometimes. He or she is truly the guardian of the transaction.

I can’t sell you a house you don’t want, and I can’t tell you to buy a house you don’t want, so ultimately that will be your decision. But once the negotiations start and the contract is written, a good Realtor can truly help make the process go smoothly. With so many deadlines and things to know, you want someone that knows a deal on your side, especially with the number of money buyers and sellers are involved in these days. 

I like to think of myself as someone who can make sure everything goes smooth and help protect both sides. When everyone is happy, that’s a great deal. Call me anytime or email me I’m glad to help. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. And the Holidays are still a great time to buy, and 2021 will be a great year. When it comes to putting a home on the market during the winter holidays, they use to say, “Don’t do it.”

Inventories are lower during the holidays, and folks are distracted or out of town. Other agents, title reps, and lenders are either busy trying to wrap up the business to take some time off, or they’re already gone. However, with 2020 and Covid 19 and with hot real estate markets, you may still find people working hard on all aspects of real estate. Especially buyers looking through the limited inventory.

If you’re representing a buyer, know at the outset that your client will have fewer homes to view than he would during other times of the year, especially late spring. The good news is to this bad news is that homeowners on the market during the holidays are typically far more motivated to get the home sold, and that’s something that happens all you, we hope.

Angelo Sbrocca

Let Me Earn It Owner Angelo Sbrocca Has over 35 years experience in Real Estate and business and extensive knowledge of the area

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