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Home Inspection extra work Tip for 2021

I would like to share a Home Inspection Tip or idea that I have learned and used over the years and it has come in very helpful a few times.

Normally when you hire a Home Inspection company or a Home Inspector it’s usually for them to go through the inside and outside of the house or condo your buying. A good Home Inspector is catch lots of things that a new homeowner should know exist before making a big purchase. Some of the issues could be considered small and easily repairable but some could end up costing a new home owner thousands of dollars. Nobody wants that after moving in and big money for any investment.

Home Inspector Negotiating extra work.

The next best thing after the Home Inspectors finds any major repairs is making sure they get fixed and fixed right. So what I mean be this is. You usually hire a Home Inspector to do a check of everything and he or she is provide a list of future repairs or repairs needing fixed now. Then you either negotiate the repairs with the seller or accept the property the way it is and do any repairs on your own.

Home buyers with limited funds.

Most home buyers want to move into their new place and not worry about any major repairs. I will talk more about purchasing a Home Warranty with your new home. I like to help include that by offering to pay up to $500 of my own money to all my sellers and buyers just because it helps them and I feel good about the year of protection.

So here is the Home Inspection extra work Tip.

When you hire a Home Inspector you should ask them how much more will they charge you to “come back and do the final walk through” with you. They usually will for a small fee and it’s worth every penny. They will be there with you and they will know if the repairs that they found were fixed and fixed correctly. And from my experience they sometimes even find something they may have missed. Could you add that to the repairs then, yes but that’s a whole different topic. 

You have to be very careful during the final inspection. If the repairs are not done right or at all you the buyer can walk away but you also can lose the purchase. I would not be afraid of that if they just did a minor fix on a bad roof because a new one will end up costing you thousands. That’s just one small example. I’m always here for you and any help I can be. Thank you.

Angelo Sbrocca

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