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Kickback Realtor in 2021

KickBack and Let Me Do All The Work

As the local real estate market ages, it is becoming necessary to be more creative than ever when it comes time to buy or sell a home. Imaginative strategies can make all the difference in whether or not one makes a sale or simply waits and waits for a deal that never materializes. What is really needed is someone who is on your side but not wedded to traditional practices, and that is where I come in. In my video I say wait if you can now is not the time to buy unless your renting and selling and have a place to move.

I can help make things happen that are not going to occur on their own or if left in the hands of a more traditionally-minded agent. I believe in finding a solution for you when nobody else can, and I do not sleep on the job ever. The whole point of hiring me is to buy or sell the home of your dreams in a very confusing market environment.

realty executives
realty executives

Most importantly, I do not ever forget that I am here to work for you and earn your trust in the only currency that matters: making the sale. I call it my “Kickback” plan. Not that we are discussing anything illegitimate here. This is an entirely different kind of kicking back – the one where you just relax and let me work to put the deal together – that ends with a Happily Ever After Ending to the story.

Kickback Realtor in 2021
Happy Customers

Another way in which I “Kickback” to my clients is that I offer a 1-year home warranty plan on every home that I sell. This is something that I take care of myself and does not come out of my customer’s share of the price. It allows both the buyer and seller to relax. They can just kick back, knowing that there are no hidden issues that can derail the sale or cause trouble after the sale is completed.

As someone born and raised in the Valley of the Sun, I know this market as well as anybody else, if not better. While many, if not most, home buyers and sellers are anxious to complete their business as rapidly as possible, there are times when it might be wiser from a financial standpoint to just kick back and wait for market conditions to change. Kicking back from an immediate sale can sometimes lead to increased offers for a seller or better terms to a buyer. It all depends on the circumstances of the client and the best possible judgment of their agent.

Kicking back, however, is never about wasting the customer’s time or scrambling their plans but of keeping them carefully advised about the best practical strategy for achieving their own aims in the ever-changing Phoenix real estate market. Call me anytime. 602 299-1743

Angelo Sbrocca

Let Me Earn It Owner Angelo Sbrocca Has over 35 years experience in Real Estate and business and extensive knowledge of the area

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