Angelo Sbrocca

Angelo Sbrocca understands that to accomplish your real estate goals in the fast-paced Phoenix Arizona market, you need a knowledgeable, honest agent who has the ability to successfully negotiate the deal on your behalf. As a results-driven agent, Angelo proactively works to ensure a successful close to your transaction. He combines his love for architecture or just a comfy home and passion for real estate and hard work to help people find their distinctive style.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Angelo wields a deep understanding of the area. With 30 years of experience in real estate, Angelo has amassed a diverse wealth of experience and knowledge that has propelled him a notch above the rest. Angelo is not your ordinary agent. For him, it’s not about how much commission he makes but that each client/friend is completely satisfied with his service. Consequently, his real estate commissions are negotiable to accommodate people and even help contribute to make the deal happen. Every deal is different and another one around the corner. 

Angelo has a vast network of mortgage lenders, contractors, buyers, and sellers who come in handy for your benefit. An effective communicator, Angelo strives to keep you informed every step of the way. He gives you an accurate picture of the reality and promptly responds to your queries and concerns.

Besides real estate, Angelo is a sports enthusiast who loves watching and playing various sports. He enjoys spending time at the beach and is a pet lover. An avid entrepreneur, he is the owner of Rose Tuxedos, a tuxedo rental business, and two Airbnbs (he likes to call them Boutique hotels, sounds more sophisticated). Inspired by his knack for hard work and love of Arizona, Angelo use to fixe and flip homes in his spare time. Not so much lately. I’m all yours.

There’s a new I-Buyer in town. Yep it’s me, Angelo Sbrocca Realtor with the help of a financial partner. No longer is there a need to put in a contingent offer. We will buy your home for cash (at a fair market value, no low ball) allowing you to make a strong offer without contingencies. You stay in your home and take your time moving. The best part is when your home is re-sold any profit after fees comes back to you the homeowner! Tired of getting beat out by cash offers? Call me today 602 299-1743. Just something that the great company behind me has helped me do, so I can help you”