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Phoenix Realtor Buyers Agent

What is the Difference Between a Buyers Agent and a Sellers Agent?

While most reliable and experienced real estate agents in the Arizona market will have mastered only one of these areas, I love to work with, and regularly take on clients who are selling or buying – or doing both! That’s right, whatever end of the market you’re on, I’ve got you covered, so you can sit back and relax with your property in honest and skillful hands. 

Phoenix Realtor Buyers Agent
Phoenix Real Estate buyers agent

Sellers Agent(Phoenix Realtor)

Captain Obvious here to let you know that the main difference between a real estate sellers agent and a real estate buyers agent is that they represent opposite interests within the market. Their duties stem from this goal, to get their client the best possible rate. These duties include a full survey of the property that will be listed, referrals from contractors for certain updates, professional marketing and photography to make sure you get top dollar for your property, and hosting private or open house tours to attract buyers, to name only a few. Once a house has sold, the sellers agents earn a commission from the final selling price of the property.

Phoenix Realtor
Real Estate buyers agent

Now, I will never say no to a new listing, and with me as your sellers agent we’ll be able to take full advantage of my network of buyers and contacts that reaches across the entire state. But, there’s nothing I love more than taking on new buyers.


Buyers Agent(Phoenix Realtor)

This is where the real magic happens. Right now, you’ll probably be finding that most Phoenix real estate agents are looking to sell and only sell, leaving you stuck. Listing properties is “quick” cash for them. Remember, buyers do not pay the commission even after a sale is agreed, and that’s all some brokers need to care about, especially during these financially challenging times. But what about your needs, the things you care about, your financial stresses?

Phoenix Realtor

Well, look no further, because I certainly am not a realtor who will shy away from any challenge. In fact, being a real estate buyers agent is where I thrive.

The roles and responsibilities of a buyers agent are endless, but after many years within the industry I’ve picked up countless insider tips for you to take full advantage of. Every step of the journey you’ll be able to make use of my friendly attitude and unrivalled knowledge, from advising you on brokers and getting your finances in order, to coaching you on the area and pre-approval techniques. 

All this can be done while employing my vast network and tricks, not only from my time as a realtor and buyers agent, but from purchasing property myself over the years – and I’ve got some real horror stories from my experiences. I know what it feels like to be in your position, so let me earn that privilege to assist you in writing your story, and helping you buy the perfect property.

Arizona Realtor Buyers agent

Whatever you might need, whatever walls you might come up against, you can rest assured knowing I have the experience, reliability, and fierce loyalty as a buyers agent to fight your corner until you, and only you, are satisfied. 

Compared to other real estate buyers agents in the Phoenix area, and realty within Arizona as a whole, I go the extra mile; crafting and sending hand-written letters to potential sellers, and always advising you clearly on the next steps. But it’s you who has control of the process – if you want to keep pushing a pushy seller, then push away my friend, I’m right behind you.

I am an expert when it comes to the Phoenix real estate market, and have vast experience working within the market during times of limited inventory and low interest rates, much like the dip we find ourselves in currently. But the best part, without a shadow of a doubt, about being a real estate buyers agent over a sellers agent, is finding you your dream home, your forever home, or just your ‘good time but not long time’ home. And don’t worry, you don’t have to carry me across the threshold with you! 

The Phoenix Real Estate market is hot so having a good Realtor that loves to work with buyers is not easy to find. Someone that has a passion to hunt for homes that are selling fast. I love it. Call me anytime or live chat me from the site and let’s go hunting and negotiating. Angelo

Angelo Sbrocca

Let Me Earn It Owner Angelo Sbrocca Has over 35 years experience in Real Estate and business and extensive knowledge of the area

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