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Property Tax’s in Arizona 2021

Property Tax's in Arizona are due and I hope everyone is safe and well.

So maybe I can explain a little better. In Arizona we can pay our property tax’s twice a year and for those that don’t know or fully understand we are paying them from the back so to speak. That can be confusing even to me so I will save it for another blog. Arizona Property taxes are levied twice a year for 1/2 year periods and paid in arrears. 2nd Half Jul-Dec taxesdue March 1st of the following year. Bills for the current year’s taxes are mailed in September and include 2 coupons for each half of the year.

Property taxes due

Property Tax's due first half

I don’t want this blog to be confusing so I’m going to keep is short and sweet. In Arizona the state will allow you to pay the first half of your property tax’s due October and late Nov 1st. Remember that’s only half you can always pay the full amount and then your done. Interest starts Nov 1st if you don’t pay the first half and that is calculated based on what the Property tax lien is sold for. 

I will share more about that process in another blog but it’s interesting. The bidding starts high and goes low for the property owners benefit. The property tax lien bidders bid on and the interest they would like for the money to pay your property taxes. It starts out pretty high like 13 percent don’t hold me to that.

Property taxes in Arizona

Property Tax's Second Half

If you only paid the first half of your property tax’s in Arizona then you still owe the second half and they are due in March and late in May. As of May 1st the State then starts the process by holding a Property tax lien sale to collect their money. The State needs their money to pay bills, Salaries and road repairs and local school bills and lots more. 

We all pay, home owners and citizens we pay our tax’s. Without this money we would not have all we have to enjoy life in a great state. Everyone’s property tax’s have gone up and trust me they will probably be going even higher because the values of homes have gone up. The State figures out the value of property with a percentage of the value. Residential is 10 percent. It’s a math formula.

Property Tax's in Arizona 2021
Oh No, More Money-October, November-March and May

The three most used Legal Classes are:

Commercial – 19.0 % (2014 roll, Class 1)
Land ‐ 16 % (Class 2)
Residential ‐ 10 % (Class 3 and 4)

To help you remember when your property tax's are due

Just in case you want to remember the Months before your coupon arrives or if it’s part of your Mortgage payment they have a little saying. It’s helpful for me because I don’t have a mortgage on 2 of my properties so my property tax’s are paid by me and not included in my bundled mortgage payment. The saying is OH NO, MORE MONEY!

OH NO- This is a reminder:

OH for October when the first half of the property tax’s are due. NO is to signal November 1st when the tax’s have now become late.

More Money- This reminder is

More-is for March when the second half property tax’s are due if you didn’t pay the whole thing on the first half.

MONEY- Stands for May when the second half of your property tax’s are now late!!! Please don’t hold me to any of this I’m just hear sharing and if it helps one person to remember their Property tax’s are due in Arizona then I’ve done a great thing. Especially if you have the money to pay it and just forgot because I have done that and the interest add’s up fast. 

You have time before they can ever sell your house and own it but they can if years and years go by so always try to pay them. If you have any question you should ask always ask a tax professional or your County Assessors office. I’m just trying help those that like me that forget. Thank you. Stay safe all and call me anytime. 602 299-1743

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