You are currently viewing Why real estate agent of Realty Executives Phoenix, AZ is way better in 2021?

Why real estate agent of Realty Executives Phoenix, AZ is way better in 2021?

Using a virtual online real estate broker ( like 72 SOLD, Redfin, Opendoor, or any other real estate website) or using a local real estate agent with a good company like Realty

Now, million dollar question is – Which is the best!

 Executives Phoenix, AZ? 

Well, look at these significant points of difference, and you’ll get to know why not use a virtual online real estate broker and why a local real estate agent is way better:

1) Prices 

sell your property

When you sell your property, the local high street real estate agent is a ‘no sale no fee’ type of agent. This means pay the fee only once your property is sold, so your money doesn’t go to waste.

On the other hand, in the Internet real estate market, you have to pay the fees upfront. This means you have to pay the online agent regardless of whether your home sells or not.

Though the local agent takes 1 – 2% extra fee as a commission, the plus point is you only pay for what you get. It’s more likely that they will do their work with more attention. While with the online real estate broker, your money might go to waste.

2) Information 

MLS ( Multiple Listing Service)

While working with a local real estate agent, he/she does the research using MLS ( Multiple Listing Service) to show you homes that best suit your needs.

MLS is a private tool with which real estate agents list properties, see transactions or get market analysis. And if you (either buyer or seller) want this information, you’ll have to pay for it.

But, talking about the online method, several real estate websites display the same information publicly.

Now, the answer to why to prefer a local real estate agent over a virtual online real estate broker is simple.

With a local real estate agent, you will get the most out of your sale, as they know the market value and can get the best price for your house.

Additionally, she/he can find you the best home, all according to your criteria, at reasonable prices.

While online real estate brokers usually don’t do this. The client has to do all the research themselves and tell their agents about which house they want.

A local real estate agent knows the best about the locality, as they have hyper-local knowledge of marketing. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a virtual agent, it’s all on your hand to go through different online tools to search for your questions.

And you also need to know the primary reason why not to use online real estate agent services?

It’s because you have several security risks out there as everything is displayed publicly.

There have been cases where personal and financial information was copied when cyber-criminals posted them as sellers by publishing fake news of themselves and listing details of the properties they don’t even own.

The real estate market has a lot of things that people need to know more about.

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