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Choosing Between a Real Estate Team or an Individual Agent

Buying and selling homes have become more competitive than ever. If you’re in the market for a house finding someone that knows what they are doing is imperative in order to get a good deal, or even close the deal.



Consumers have a variety of choices when it comes to choosing a real estate agent. But what if you want a whole real estate team on your side? Should you work with just one person, when you could have an entire team at your disposal? It might seem like a no-brainer, but let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of working with one agent versus a team.

Real Estate Teams Pro's and Con's

Real estate team

A real estate team is simply a group of realtors that have chosen to work together rather than as stand-alone agents. The Real Estate Teams Pro’s and Con’s of using one team over just a single agent come down to a few key items.

Availability – A team ensures that you always have someone to talk to who isn’t sick or on vacation
Knowledge – A team offers an assortment of knowledge and experience above what a single agent can provide
Multiplicity – If you are bidding or interested in several homes, a team can cover different areas more effectively than a single agent
Brainstorming – A team will give you a greater variety of ideas and options than a single agent


individual agents Pro's and Con's

individual agents Pro's and Con's

After looking at the Real Estate Teams Pro’s and Con’s of using one team over just a single agent, it’s easy to assume that a team is better. However, individual agents still have plenty to offer their clients.
Not Alone – A real estate agent often works for a real estate company and can utilize their resources
Dedication – A single agent has to hustle for their business and will bring that level of effort towards your purchase
Availability – A single agent may offer to always be on call for you no matter the circumstance to get your business
Accountable – Individually licensed agents are completely responsible for their business so will work hard to keep yours


Deciding between a team of real estate agents and a single agent boils down to choice. Find an agency or individual agent that you are comfortable with and has a successful track record. It might even take a few tries before you find the perfect match. Talk to friends and relatives to get started and then make the best choice you can. 

Selling and buying homes is a complicated matter, so you want to carefully choose who you work with.


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