You are currently viewing Tip of the Day “Increase Your Inspection Time Frame”​ in 2021

Tip of the Day “Increase Your Inspection Time Frame”​ in 2021

Tip of the Day "Increase Your Inspection Time Frame"​

Hello, this Real Estate Tip of the Day Video will help you increase the inspection time frame you have to inspect the home your buying. I have been buying and selling Real Estate for over 30 years and the printed Inspection period on most Arizona Real Estate selling/buying contracts has a pre-printed (Boiler Plate) 10 day Inspection period. Always talk to a lawyer or Accountant for any question outside of what a licensed Realtor tells you that’s out of their expertise. 

This tip is from my personal experience and 10 days goes very fast so I always suggest to my clients that we cross out the 10 days and put 12 days to inspect or 10 business days. 10 business days actually gives you more time than 12 days. This change will usually not scare off a seller and you may finish your inspection faster but a few extra days always help ease the stress. 

Also, make sure all parties sign and initial anytime a change is made on any contract or it won’t mean anything. This is MY tip of the day and I hope it helps you. Enjoy the video and please like our page and follow me on Social Media ( Realty for the more awesome insider, smart, humble Real Estate buying and selling Tips. 602 299-1743 and you can live to chat me anytime on our website. When you call or live chat you get Angelo.

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