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How to find the best Real Estate agent in 2021

‘’The symbol of a good realtor is that he or she always and consistently put his client’s best interests first. When they do, their personal needs will be realized beyond their greatest expectations.’’
How to find the best Real Estate agent in 2021

Buying and selling a home is no small feat and it’s one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. That’s why finding a real estate agent with the experience to guide you through the process is key.

How to find the best Real Estate agent in 2021

When you will enter in the market, you will find that there is no shortage of real estate agents vying for the job via online ads, postcards and yard signs. This may confuse you, but with so many professionals to choose from, Phoenix Real Estate is the right one where you can feel overwhelming. The real estate market is hot across most of the United States which no one expected during Covid 19. 

Most real estate professionals and lenders all thought we were in for a slow down during the Pandemic but the homes kept selling. One of the problems right now is the inventory on homes is low but not the amount of good realtors out there to choose from. Below given are few tips to find the perfect pro for your property.

How to find the best Real Estate agent in 2021

How to Find a Real Estate Agent

Talk to the lender: Most experts recommend that you talk to a lender first to learn how much you can afford. Getting preapproved for a mortgage will provide you with the maximum amount you can borrow and identify issues that need to be worked on early in the process. 

Lenders can be a great source for referring realtors hopefully it’s because they worked closely with them and see the quality of work they give their clients and more. To me this category falls under referrals I could have linked the two bullet points but I thought both needed some clarity.

How to find the best Real Estate agent in 2021

Get Referrals: You will hear this a lot if your looking around ,make sure realtors have certifications to show that they’ve completed training in a certain area of real estate. I don’t think this should be on the top of anyone’s list how much training or real estate school. You have to pass a hard test to get your license (75%) and if they did they’ve learned. 

What do you call a Doctor that barely passes his or her final exam? A Doctor! Remember referrals are also just another persons opinion so now you have to trust their’s and yours. But sadly the Real Estate has been all about this for the past 50 years I know I’ve been around it. 

I think this helps but it should change because there are so many awesome hard working realtors out there that deserve a chance to Earn your business.

How to find the best Real Estate agent in 2021

Research Potential Candidates: Start by examining their online presence. I think this is a very good starting point because so many people looking to buy their first home or sell the home they live in spend so much time online these days researching the area and looking at homes for safe before they even speak to a realtor. 

That’s the way the real estate world has gone and if anyone says different they need to catch up to reality. The internet has given the consumer instant information at all hours of the day from the comfort of their home or cell phone all hours of the day.

Interview at least Three: See how polished and professional their proposal is. Do you really need to do this? For some of us, the answer is yes. It’s never been that way for me personally but I’m different. I usually know right away and I’m not saying I make great choices so I may want to slow down and interview more. 

But the process is moving so fast right now finding a home or selling yours that timing is utmost. There is no right or wrong way of picking a realtor it’s what makes you feel you’ve made the right choice for you and if interviewing multiple realtors is your thing then you go for it it’s perfectly understood.


Request References: Ask real estate agents to provide information on homes they’ve listed and sold in the past year, with contact information for at least a few recent clients. This number 5. bullet point is the most common in my opinion and has been for decades and for me it’s time for change. 

The most common thing you hear home sellers and buyers say when someone ask them about their home selling is, “we gave the listing to my sister, cousin, mom and friend) Gave! What ever happened to “earning it” So now you want to “Give” the reference to someone else. Ok, maybe the realtor did and amazing job and I believe that but that’s not how your going to hear it referenced. 

So be careful with References and how they were “given the listing” listen closing on the words the referral uses. I want hear Angelo earned our business even if they don’t have 20 years of experience.

How to find the best Real Estate agent in 2021

Go with Your Gut: It’s just like dating — sometimes it just comes down to chemistry and this bullet point is the one I feel is about me and fits me the best. And let me say I’ve gone with my gut and I’ve been wrong before but I hope I can win the “Gut” category over because when I do then the work begins and I get to show my clients how much I like to work and all I do. 

I’m easy and I listen to whatever my clients want done ti’s how I have always been.No argument here we’re gonna get this done and make everyone happy but it’s your home your calling the shots I’m just here to help the selling or buying process go smoother or faster with some ideas if they help.

If I didn’t win you over with my other ideas then this has to be my last chance, no. This has to be the most important area that I want when I choose realtors over the years. What do they know about the area? Your buying or selling your home in a neighborhood or area that has value on its own and some areas not as much but your realtor needs to know this. 

This is what you’re going to do as a buyer or seller understand the area. The schools your kids will be possibly going to, the shopping centers you will be spending time at and some of the neighbors you will be living next to. I have lived in Central Phoenix all my life and I would have a very hard time taking a listing in Gilbert AZ, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even consider it. 

Why? I don’t know the area as well as I should but guess what I know some awesome realtors that live and breathe the area and work hard so I would prefer one of them. You would be shocked at how many realtors would take it because they want listings but they live clear on the other side of town. That’s not taking care of your clients first. In my humble opinion that’s just one more thing that separates me from my colleagues so if you are ready for this, you know what to do.

So, if you want to hire an agent I hope this helps and you can reach out to me anytime with any question and no pressure at all I will guide you through the process. Below given is our contact information.

Angelo Sbrocca 602 299-1743 and you can live to chat my website 24/7 and when you call you to get me!!

Angelo Sbrocca

Let Me Earn It Owner Angelo Sbrocca Has over 35 years experience in Real Estate and business and extensive knowledge of the area

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